Media Intelligence

Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights into performance, audience, and competitors.


  Keep tabs on what’s being said about your brand, products, and services across all relevant channels.

 Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights into performance, audience, and competitors.

 Save time, concentrate on developing the strategy, and maintain constant inspiration.

What we cover


Printed Newspapers and Magazines

We closely monitor and analyze content from a diverse range of printed newspapers and magazines, ensuring that you have timely access to the most current news and valuable insights from the world of traditional print media.

Electronic Newspapers and News Websites:

We keep a close eye on electronic newspapers and news websites, providing you with up-to-date information and analysis from the digital realm.


Think tanks and polling centers

We track reports and publications from reputable think tanks and polling centers, providing you with valuable insights and analysis on research findings, policy recommendations, and public opinion.

Television and Radio

Our monitoring and analysis encompasses television and radio broadcasts, delivering valuable insights into news, interviews, debates, and discussions occurring across these influential mediums.


Social media

Through social listening, we capture and analyze content from diverse social media platforms, enabling you to grasp public sentiment, identify trending topics, and follow emerging discussions within social networks.


Government activities

We closely monitor government activities, including official reports, statements, hearings, debates, press conferences, political speeches, and safety warnings, providing you with insights into policy developments, legislative discussions, and government initiatives.


We keep track of reports and statements from non-governmental organizations, ensuring you have access to information related to global development, humanitarian efforts, and social impact initiatives.

non-governmental organizations

Archive of Media Monitoring & Analysis

Our extensive archive spans over a decade and a half, offering a rich repository of media monitoring and analysis. This archive provides historical data, trends, and insights that can be valuable for comparative analysis, benchmarking, and tracking long-term media narratives.

From Data to Insight: The Role of Reports in Your Success

 Never miss critical media coverage or social media mentions in any language.

 Not to be overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

 We provide data-driven insights that help you grasp opportunities and avoid risks.

  • 24/7 media coverage, in all languages.
  • Measure Social Media Performance.
  • Audience & impression analysis.
  • Identify true thought leaders and influencers.
  • Analyzing marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Competitors tracking.

We incorporate all Media Monitoring & Analysis reports into one comprehensive report that provides accurate and actionable advice.

Our Reports


Media Monitoring & Analysis report

Understand your audience, track your competitors, amplify your brand voice, and guide decision-making.

Social media listening report

A steady finger on the pulse of relevant conversations. Dive into numbers that reflect the breadth of your reputation online and the positive, negative, or neutral feeling behind it.


Think tanks and polling centers report

Bridging the gap between knowledge and decision-making in critical policy areas.

Executive News Briefings

Keep informed with the most relevant news.


Make the most of:

   Positive impressions and user-generated content: Build brand awareness and convert your audience into brand ambassadors.

   Negative impressions and systematic bullying: Determine the appropriate response or counterattack strategy.

   Requests, inquiries, and suggestions: Develop a media strategy and content plan, upgrade products and services, grow your audience, and expand into new markets.

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